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urun Greater China Unicorn Index 2017 released Dec 21.A unicorn, by definition, is a startup▓ company valued at more than $1 billion. The list surveyed 120 unicorn companies with a total estimated value of more than 3 trillion yuan ($458 billion) in China.Shanghai took second position with 28 unicorns, and Hangzhou followed Shanghai with 13 unicorns.Notably, the 13 unicorn co▓mpanies in Hangzhou have a higher total estimated value than the 28 unicorns in Shanghai combined.Here is the full list of cities with the most unicorn companies.No 5 GuangzhouNumber of companies: 3Total estim

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ated value: 21 billion yuanNo 4 ShenzhenNumber of companies: 10Total estimated value: 284 billion yuanNo 3 HangzhouNumber of companies: 13Total esti

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